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Tab-a-Bib and Duo-Tab-Bib

Edalu Products

Consultants’ Comments

  • “One less item to sterilize—with no additional waste.”
  • “More comfortable to patients than a cold neck chain.”
  • “No more searching for a bib clip!”
  • “A curved, bib-shape would provide more coverage over patients’ shoulders.”
  • “Make the adhesive tab cover easier to peel off.”
  • “Because bib chains are not needed, this eliminates the risk of harboring bacteria from previous patients”


Tab-a-Bib and Duo-Tab-Bib are disposable patient napkins with integrated neck straps. They are designed to eliminate cross contamination associated with utilizing a bib chain. The upper edge of the bib is perforated, which, once separated, becomes the neck strap. The bib is secured through self-adhesive tabs. Tab-a-Bib and Duo-Tab-Bib both provide two layers of light blue tissue and one layer of poly. Tab-a-Bib is 19” x 15” and includes a single strap that wraps behind the patient’s neck and is adhered to the opposite side of the bib. Duo-Tab-Bib is 22” x 15” and utilizes a perforated strap and adhesive tab on each side. The straps may be adhered to each other or to the patient’s clothing. Tab-a-Bib and Duo-Tab-Bib are optimally secured when attached to poly (back) side of bib. Tab-a-Bib and Duo-Tab-Bib were evaluated by 20 consultants in 478 uses. This patient napkin received a 91% clinical rating.


Ninety-five percent of consultants stated that Tab-a-Bib and Duo-Tab-Bib were valuable as a means of infection control by eliminating bib chains or holders. Both sizes provided very good protection, and the Duo-Tab-Bib had the added advantage of creating collar-like coverage over the neck. Its larger size was preferred by many consultants. Tab-a-Bib was a better fit for children and smaller adults. The cover over the adhesive was not always easy to peel off with gloved hands. Dental assistants and hygienists appreciated eliminating the bib chain from their procedure set-ups. The integrated strap was efficient and comfortable for patients.