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T-Scan® System

Consultants’ Comments

  • “T-Scan System brings a level of specificity to the process of occlusal analysis that I couldn’t achieve with other available methods.”
  • “Using T-Scan System was like putting loupes on for the first time – I saw what I had been missing.”
  • “It gives a good idea of the intensity of a bite.”
  • “Finds areas of heavy occlusion that are not marked with articulating paper.”
  • “I will no longer treat full-mouth reconstruction cases without T-Scan System.”
  • “Additional time and expense are required to properly take advantage of T-Scan System information.”
  • “Designed to be used in conjunction with articulating paper.”


The T-Scan System is an occlusal analysis system designed to measure and record relative biting forces over time. This 3rd-generation system includes intraoral sensors, scanning electronics (handle) and intuitive software. The mouth-shaped sensor fits into a sensor support that inserts into the sensor handle. The Evolution Handle connects into the USB port of a PC and is easily movable among operatories. The gt;T-Scan sensor is thin (100 μm) and is re-usable for up to 20 recordings on the same patient. The T-Scan 8 software is designed with an easy to-use interface and displays timing and force data in full-color 3D and 2D graphics. The T-Scan 8 software records and stores occlusal data in a patient database, while providing occlusal analysis features that allow dental professionals to determine first and last contact, the balance of occlusal contacts present at any given moment, and the ability to view multiple scans to compare bites. T-Scan 8 also has the ability to create reports on patient scans. The T-Scan System comes with an Evolution Handle with USB connector, T-Scan sensors (20 small and 20 large), T-Scan sensor supports (1 small and 1 large) and T-Scan 8 software. The equipment and software have a limited one year warranty and come with two free online training sessions. The T-Scan System was evaluated by seven consultants in over 100 uses. This occlusal analysis system received a 91% clinical rating and four and a half out of five pluses.


Equipment Features

Dentists who evaluated the T-Scan System were using traditional methods of occlusal analysis, including articulating paper, shimstock and mounted models. T-Scan System was found to be a very good objective tool to aid in analyzing occlusion. Interpreting the data improves with familiarity with the system. Consultants reported that learning to use the T-Scan System required some time and dedication to integrate it into the clinical routine. Tekscan offers online training to assist with the implementation of T-Scan. T-Scan can be used anywhere articulating paper is used in dentistry. Some specific applications include fixed prosthetics, occlusal adjustments, orthodontics, periodontal management, TMD appliances and more. Interpreting the data improves with familiarity with the system. Sensors are durable for repeated use (on the same patient). Use of T-Scan 8 software is easy to learn and navigate. Consultants quickly learned basic scanning functions to determine location and strength of first contacts. More intricate analysis such as anterior guidance and comparing scans became quicker over time. Graphic displays on the computer monitor are an aid to patient education.

Clinical Tips

  • T-Scan sensors are for single patient use. They may be cold sterilized, then packaged and stored for later use on the same patient.

  • Create a permanent record by saving the scan as a PDF and importing it into the patient’s chart in the practice management software.

  • Involve dental staff in training and implementation of the device.