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Sure Stop

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Stops bleeding very effectively.”
  • “Excellent product and a must have if you do extractions.”
  • “Good adjunct to pediatric extractions since kids have a hard time maintaining pressure on gauze.”


SureStop is a sterile, soluble cellulose-based dressing that transforms quickly into a clear, viscous gel upon contact with blood or fluids. SureStop is indicated for the topical management of wounds and to temporarily control bleeding. Appropriate dental indications include extraction sites, dental trauma, biopsy sites, periodontal surgery, and oral surgery. SureStop comes in pre-cut 1.9 cm squares. Each box contains 20 pads, individually sealed in blister packs. SureStop was evaluated by 28 consultants in 240 uses. This hemostatic dressing received a 93% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants used SureStop primarily after extractions but also in conjunction with other oral surgeries and traumas. It is very effective in achieving hemostasis. The pre-cut squares and individual packaging contribute to its user friendliness. Upon contact with moisture, the woven cellulose becomes a sticky gel, sealing the wound. Instructions are not clear on whether to leave the gel or rinse it off. The biocompatible nature of the cellulose was reported to be appealing to dentists and their patients. SureStop has two unique features – it is bacteriostatic and is very effective in stopping bleeding on patients using anticoagulants.

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Clinical Tips

  • Use dry forceps to place SureStop to avoid having it stick to the instrument.


  • SureStop may be cut into smaller pieces.