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SonicFill 3

Kerr Corporation


  • 37 Clinical Evaluators
  • 909 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “I loved the ease of working with this composite. The finish is beautiful. Shade match was excellent. I loved how my fillings looked. It was hard to tell what’s tooth and what’s filling.”
  • “Delivery system is innovative and allows for faster placement.”
  • “Loved the consistency during packing. We normally use a flowable as a liner and this material eliminates that step.”
  • “I liked the way it adapts to the cavity form and walls.”
  • “It has a thicker tip that was challenging to place inside small proximal boxes.”
  • “The handpiece makes a noise that is very noticeable at first.”
  • “I encountered occasions where I would find a void in the proximal box of a Class II. However, I found that keeping the tip submerged while dispensing prevents voids.”


  • Direct placement in all cavity classes, both in anterior and posterior teeth
  • Base/liner material
  • Repair of enamel defects, provisionals, and porcelain restorations
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Luting of composite/ceramic veneers
  • Incisal abrasions and minor occlusal build-ups
  • Core-buildups

Clinical Tips

  • The material straddles the line between a flowable and a packable composite. Those who like to sculpt a lot of anatomy before curing may find this material a little difficult to sculpt.
  • The handpiece works best at 30-50 psi.
  • Remember that you can adjust the speed dial on the bottom depending on your preference and size of your restoration.
  • Take your time to polish, because the result will be fantastic!
  • Make sure to turn off the water when switching from your handpiece to the SonicFill 3 handpiece.



SonicFill 3 is a sonic-activated, bulk-fill composite system that:

  • Uses sonic energy from a special handpiece to reduce the viscosity of the composite material, making it flowable upon placement.
  • Once the sonic energy from the handpiece is removed, the material becomes sculptable.
  • Possesses a high depth of cure (5 mm).
  • Helps you craft quality restorations in one efficient step by eliminating the need for a liner or capping layer.
  • KaVo MULTIflex coupler required for use

Unique Attributes

  • Bulk fill up to 5 mm
  • Better non-sticky handling compared to previous versions
  • Sonic handpiece that makes material flowable during placement
  • One-step placement with no need for placing a liner or final capping layer