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Sleep Image Ring Powered by VivoScore


  • 26 Clinical Evaluators
  • 151 Total Uses
  • 86% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I liked that patients can do this at home as opposed to going in for an initial sleep study at a clinic.”
  • “Patients were generally excited to try this product. I can see it being very useful in my practice.”
  • “The information returned is useful for patient education and discussing treatment options.”
  • “The ring is convenient and easy for the patient to use.”
  • “Having a piece of technology that is given to patients and hoping they use it correctly is a bit of a liability, but the Ring is fairly robust and resilient.”
  • “Love the fact that it synchronizes with an app that can be downloaded to Android or iOS for increased versatility.”
  • “Easy to use the ring and compliance is high, people like the modern tech (similar to smart watch/smart rings).”
  • “It was nice to test patients with an OMAD in place to see how effective they are. Proof that the prescribed devices are working.”


Sleep Image Ring powered by VivoScore is a sleep evaluation tool which is:

  • FDA cleared
  • A home testing device without the need for invasive wires or need to go to a testing facility
  • Clinically accurate
  • Small and comfortable

Clinical Tips

  • Have a person in the office load the app and test the ring before patient leaves. Also have a contact number available for the patient in case there are questions.
  • Make sure to tell the patient not close the app on their device, otherwise the recording will not record.




Unique Attributes

  • This product utilizes an app that the patient downloads on their phone long with the use of a compact and comfortable device worn on the finger like a ring to track sleep diagnostics.
  • The VivoScore sleep ring is one part of a customizable program offered by Vivos that can incorporate the fabrication of dental appliances.
  • A report is generated for the provider that can be easily accessed from an online portal. This can be used as a diagnostic tool in office or can be sent for a reading from a certified sleep physician.


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