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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Absolutely no water contamination when using air!”
  • “We are switching all our syringes over to this system. I liked the quality of the adaptor, uniform spray, and quality of the tips.”
  • “Spray was even and uniform. I could rotate the syringe tips, but they didn’t twist during use.”
  • “Disposable is the way to go.”
  • “Tip could be a little longer with a greater angle.”


Seal-Tight is a disposable air/water syringe tip designed to help prevent cross contamination. It requires a Seal-Tight Conversion Kit, which contains an adapter that will remain on the air/water syringe. The adapters are available in three models to fit most manufacturers’ air/water syringes. The white and yellow plastic tip slides into the adaptor, which the manufacturer states has a unique interlock system that eliminates o-ring wear and tear that is experienced with other tips. Seal-Tight tips are manufactured with a central water channel and five air channels around the circumference of the tip. Seal-Tight is sold in 200- and 1500-count packages. Seal-Tight was evaluated by 34 consultants in over 6000 uses. This disposable air/water syringe tip received a 92% clinical rating.

Product Features

Seal-Tight provided consistently dry air with no water contamination. The tip slides smoothly into the adaptor and is stable for the duration of the appointment. Consultants installed their adaptors with minimal effort, and the adapters required no maintenance thereafter. The use of disposable air/water syringe tips minimizes cross-contamination, which is an important issue to consultants. The rounded tip of Seal-Tight is comfortable on soft tissue, and it is strong enough for retraction of cheek and tongue. Some consultants noted that air pressure through Seal-Tight was lower than through other tips. Fifty-five percent of consultants rated Seal-Tight better than other disposable air/water syringe tips they were using and 48% rated it better than metal syringe tips; 35% rated Seal-Tight equivalent to other disposable and metal tips. Seventy-one percent would switch to Seal-Tight and 85% would recommend it to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • Installation of the appropriate adapter is necessary for each syringe prior to using Seal-Tight tips. 
  • Tip can be bent if a greater angle is desired.