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ScanX Classic

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I liked the speed of developing films.”
  • “Clarity of images was great.”
  • “I used less chemicals.”


ScanX Classic (model PN B7200) is a digital radiography system that utilizes reusable Phosphor Storage Plates (PSP) in place of film to produce diagnostic quality intraoral and extraoral digital radiographs. ScanX eliminates chemicals, film processors and maintenance associated with film processors. The ScanX Classic produces a digital image by scanning PSPs that have been exposed to x-ray. Images are digitally stored utilizing user-supplied software and computer making the retrieval and display of radiographic images at the touch of a button. ScanX Classic works with existing x-ray equipment to capture an image and also incorporates In-Line Erase and Intelligent Track Control technologies. In-Line Erase is a feature that erases and prepares Phosphor Plates for reuse immediately after the plate is read by the system. The Intelligent Track Control is convenient for practices with multiple operatories. ScanX Classic has 4 processing slots that can be used simultaneously. When paired with Visix Imaging Software, images are captured and directed to the proper patient records in the appropriate operatory for immediate review by the dentist with the patient. ScanX Classic supports the conversion of traditional panoramic and cephalometric x-ray machines to digital by replacing the film with a PSP of the same size. ScanX Classic also accepts intraoral PSP’s in sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. The equipment operates in normal room lighting, is wireless, and requires virtually no change in technique when taking the radiograph. The package includes: ScanX Classic, power supply, power cord, computer connector cable, plate transfer box, 20 size 2 PSPs, operator’s manual, instructions, drivers, and utilities. ScanX Classic with size 2 plates was evaluated by seven consultants over a period of six months in 2293 uses. It received a 98% rating.

Equipment Features

Consultants who evaluated ScanX Classic found the system easy to integrate into the office routine and a vast improvement over developing film. The system produced clear images and loading plates into the ScanX was simple. The versatility of this unit to accept all sizes of intraoral and extraoral plates makes it useful for any dental office. One hundred percent of consultants reported that ScanX Classic was better than their current x-ray system and they would both recommend and switch to ScanX Classic.

Clinical Tips

  • Be sure to utilize the PSP barrier envelope to protect the plate and ensure proper hygiene.

  • After exposing the plate, protect the sensitive side from light until it is scanned. This can be accomplished by utilizing the supplied Plate Transfer Box.

  • Minimum computer system requirements necessary to operate the ScanX Classis include Windows 2000 Pro 32-bit with Service Pack 4, or Windows XP Pro 32-bit with Service Pack 2, or Windows 7 Pro 32-bit; USB 1.1 or later; CPU- 2.8 GHz Pentium IV; RAM 1 GB; Hard Drive-120 GB; Video Display adapter -32 MB; Monitor – 1024 x 768 or higher; CD ROM Drive; standard keyboard and mouse; backup device; external surge protector; power supply backup; and image management software.