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SafeGauze Hemostat


Consultants’ Comments

  • “Fast and effective hemostasis. It removed the need to suture weeping sites.”
  • “Easy to use, good consistency and stays firm for some time.”
  • “Adheres well to the mucosa. Good gel viscosity.”
  • “Minimum adhesion to the instrument.”
  • “Easy to dispense and easy to trim.”
  • “A little hard to get off the cotton forceps but it did not disintegrate when in contact with blood.”
  • “Tendency to stick to the instrument once it contacts blood and even sticks to itself.”
  • “It gelled so quickly I had difficulty packing it.”
  • “I found the gauze pieces to be too large generally. Plan on cutting them to the size you need.”
  • “One packet (two sponges) was good for a molar, but sometimes I just needed a smaller piece.”
  • “Clean-up of adjacent tissue was difficult.”
  • “Some patients thought it felt slimy or gooey.”

Clinical Tips

  • Be judicious about your initial placement as once it contacts wet tissue, it tends to cling there.
  • Cut to size first and use a non-stick instrument for placement.
  • Fold and roll the gauze into a “root” shape and place inside the socket, then cover with a traditional gauze and bite on to apply direct pressure.
  • Monitor after placing to remove the excess gel quickly.
  • Lube your plastic instrument before you start packing the socket to help with tissue pull-back.

Evaluation Highlights

SafeGauze Hemostat was evaluated by 26 consultants and used in total 259 times.

  • Sterile fabric
  • Effective hemostasis
  • Adheres well to mucosa
  • Available in one size

Unique Features

  • Made from 100% cellulose with no porcine or other animal-based products
  • Transforms into a viscous gel within seconds for easy placement
  • Quickly aids in the formation of a strong clot for effective bleeding prevention
  • Natural antibacterial properties promote wound healing


  • Post-oral surgical hemostasis


SafeGauze Hemostat is a topical hemostatic dressing that is delivered as a sterile fabric. It is prepared by chemical treatment of regenerated cellulose and designed to be easy-to-use and to offer safe and effective control of bleeding following extractions and other surgical procedures such as free gingival grafts, or sinus lifts. When contacting blood or exudates, the dressing expands and transforms into a clear, viscous gel that fills the wound void, seals capillary ends, activates the clotting system, and thereby helps to stop bleeding. SafeGauze Hemostat is available in boxes containing 20 sterile units.