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Riva Star Aqua

SDI (North America) Inc.


  • 25 Clinical Evaluators
  • 517 Total Uses
  • 96% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I really liked that it did not discolor the tooth, and that a tissue barrier is not required. That is a huge advantage.” 
  • “No staining and no refrigeration.”
  • “Very effective as a desensitizer.”
  • “Much less tissue irritation than the original formulation.”
  • “Easy to use two-step procedure.”
  • “No ammonia base is important to me.”
  • “Second step takes a lot longer scrubbing time than the first step.”
  • “I found that even though a tissue barrier is not required, it is best to avoid the tissue or some slight irritation can occur.”


Riva Star Aqua is a silver fluoride system:

  • Water-based SF + KI system
  • Unlike other systems, Riva Star Aqua’s two-step procedure reduces staining
  • Two year and beyond desensitizing effect
  • Non-invasive and ideal for minimally invasive dentistry

Clinical Tips

  • Blot very dry.
  • Spend time scrubbing the liquids into the tooth and don’t just apply it as a thin coat.
  • Be sure to liberally apply the Step 2 liquid until the precipitate clears.




Unique Attributes

  • No refrigeration required
  • Less tissue irritation
  • Odorless-based formula
  • An SF material with reduced staining
  • Increases bond strengths of glass ionomer and composite materials to dentin


  • Desensitizing
  • Caries arrest
  • Caries detection
  • SMARTer glass ionomer sandwich technique