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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to use and accurate.”
  • “Scans clearly with no powder.”
  • “Its rigidity makes it ideal for full-arch bite registrations.”
  • “It was great to use on bite plates for face bow registrations – removed easily but stayed on the bite plate when needed.”
  • “Sets very fast.”
  • “It can break during trimming.”


R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE is an addition silicone bite registration material that can be used conventionally or scanned for use with CAD/CAM systems. The material is gray colored and can be scanned without powder. This bite registration material is hard when set and can be trimmed with a sharp instrument. Working time is 25 seconds, and setting time is 40 seconds in the mouth. R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE is supplied in 50 mL automix cartridges for use with a standard 1:1 dispensing gun. Each box contains two cartridges plus 12 mixing tips. cwas evaluated by 28 consultants in 386 uses. This bite registration material received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE sets hard and fast, accurately capturing a record of a patient’s occlusion. Because it sets hard, consultants and laboratory technicians had the most success if only a small amount of material was used. Limiting its use to the occlusal surfaces avoids locking it into undercuts. Consultants had mixed results with trimming the material, depending on how it was handled. Some found it trimmed cleanly, and others had it crumble or break. The fast setting time was an advantage for most applications. Ninety percent of consultants reported that R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE was equivalent to or better than their current bite registration material. Seventy-five percent would switch to R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE and 93% would recommend it

Clinical Tips

  • When scanning intraorally during a CAD/CAM procedure, place material over the prepared tooth allowing a small amount to lock into the embrasures of the adjacent teeth for stability during scanning.

  • Use a scalpel blade to trim the material.

  • If scanning an impression with the CEREC AC, scan a buccal bite registration taken with R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE to acquire the occlusion.

Editors’ Note:

A related product is METAL-BITE Blue, which has all of the same handling properties as R-SI-LINE METAL-BITE, and is optimized for scanning specifically with the CEREC AC.