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QuickPass In-Office Water Test

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  • 21 Clinical Evaluators
  • 76 Total Uses
  • 96% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “This is a very good visual indicator of water line safety.”
  • “A quick and easy way to verify that our treatment was working.”
  • “I like that this is something quick I can do at regular intervals in the office and if there are any questionable results, I can seek out more information and support.”
  • “We had a patient ask us what it was, and when I explained he was really impressed that we took extra precautions for patient protection. He then went on to refer his whole family to us.”
  • “So easy to use and to obtain quick results.”
  • “Even though I understand that you have to wait for bacterial growth, it would be great if the results could be determined sooner then 48-72 hours.” 


  • Microbiological testing of dental procedure water

Clinical Tips

  • Keep each test in the particular operatory to expose the test to the same temperature variable as the waterline.
  • The log is extremely easy to maintain and once established its one of the easiest water line tests we’ve used.

Unique Attributes

  • Simple paddle design
  • Bacterial colonies are made visible in easily identifiable red and orange colors
  • Straightforward chart makes determination of bacterial range very easy
  • Support available from waterline specialists to help read results, learn best practices, identify probable causes of failure, and improve results





The QuickPass® In-Office Water Test waterline test is a simple, microbiological analysis of the water used for the procedural water for dental treatments that:

  • Provides an estimated heterotrophic plate count
  • Aids in measuring compliance with the CDC standard for safe water of ≤500 CFU/mL
  • Has a simple three-step procedure
  • Has support available for interpreting results and next steps, if a failure is obtained
  • Is complete with a recommended protocol and testing log for continuous waterline safety