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Quick Up

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Very complete kit.”
  • “Makes placing connectors much easier.”
  • “Quick Up LC prevents locking acrylic around implant.”
  • “Detailed instructions yielded great results.”
  • “Color blends well with denture base.”
  • “Fit Test comes with tiny intraoral tips that allow precise placement.”
  • “Adhesive has a strong odor.”


Quick Up is a pink-colored, self-cured Implant Pick Up composite for adhering attachment components into removable prostheses. It is commonly used to adhere ball, locator and telescopic anchors, as well as other anchors in partial and full dentures. The kit includes a 7.5 g automix syringe of Quick Up; 5 ml of Quick Up Adhesive; a 2 g syringe of Quick Up LC; a 5 g automix syringe of Fit Test C & B and accessories. The clinical procedure involves using Fit Test C & B for checking the accuracy of fit and blocking out undercuts in the mouth, applying Quick Up Adhesive onto the relieved portion of the denture, placing Quick Up into the denture, and seating the denture in the mouth. Quick Up has total working time of 3.5 minutes: extraoral working time of 30 seconds, 30 seconds for placement of the denture, and 2.5 minutes intraoral setting time. Quick Up LC is a pink, light-cured composite that can be used to fill voids or repair areas around the Quick Up material. Quick Up was used by 28 consultants in 242 uses. It received a 97% clinical rating.

Product Features

The Quick Up kit provides all of the materials necessary to adhere attachment components to an existing denture or other prosthesis. The instructions are thorough and are accompanied by pictures of each step in the process. Every item in the kit has a specific purpose, which is clearly explained. The blockout material in the kit is an important component to avoid locking the acrylic around implant bodies or in the gingival sulcus. The automix syringes are easy to use and contribute to a neat, clean procedure. Working time is adequate for placement of material; setting time was rated very good. The pink color blends well with most denture acrylics. Consultants who perform many of these procedures would like additional shades of material. Seventy-one percent of consultants rated Quick Up better than their current method of picking up attachments, and 29% rated it equivalent. Eighty-six percent of consultants would switch to Quick Up, and 96% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • When relieving the denture, leave about 2 mm of space for Quick Up.

  • When relieving the denture, leave about 2 mm of space for Quick Up.