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Q-Etch Q-Etch UF

B.J.M. Laboratories

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Rinses off cleanly.”
  • “Precise placement – stays where you want.”
  • “Gel does not dry out in the syringe.”
  • “Never clogs in the applicator tip.”
  • “The unfilled etch is sticky and resists being spread around.”


Q-Etch (B.J.M. Laboratories) is a 37% phosphoric acid etching gel for the surface treatment of enamel and dentin prior to bonding procedures. Q-Etch (B.J.M. Laboratories) contains silica fillers and has a medium viscosity; Q-Etch UF (B.J.M. Laboratories) is an unfilled formulation with a thickening agent. Recommended etching time is 30-60 seconds for enamel, and the etchant should be rinsed for 20 seconds. Both formulations are water soluble, blue in color and come in 1.2 mL or 10 mL syringes with pre-bent 18 gauge tips. Q-Etch and Q-Etch UF  (B.J.M. Laboratories) were evaluated by 25 consultants in 711 uses. This etchant received an 88% clinical rating.


Product Features

Q-Etch and Q-Etch UF (B.J.M. Laboratories) achieve effective etching of enamel and rinse off easily. The consistencies between the two formulations handle very differently, and consultants favored Q-Etch. Where the unfilled version strings out of the applicator tip and forms a cohesive mass on the tooth, the filled etchant is easier to spread. Both stay where placed and rinse off easily. The familiar blue color is highly visible, which helps to ensure complete removal.