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Provisa CEM GI

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Loved the creamy consistency and easy removal of excess.”
  • “Esthetics is a plus – especially with the newer, more translucent zirconia ceramics.”
  • “Consistent mixes.”
  • “Easy to dispense directly into the crown.”
  • “Having to use a mixing machine is inefficient.”
  • “Offer a larger capsule for multiple-unit cases.”

Clinical Tip

  • Keep the tooth moist; do not desiccate it.


Provisa Cem GI is a glass ionomer luting cement delivered in capsules, allowing for direct application into the restoration. Provisa Cem GI is radiopaque, has a high compressive strength, high translucency, continuous fluoride release, and a low film thickness. Provisa Cem GI is indicated for the cementation of metal-based crowns and bridges; high-strength all ceramic crowns and bridges, including lithium discilicate and zirconia; metal posts; stainless steel crowns; and orthodontic bands. Shake the capsule to loosen powder and depress applicator button against a hard surface and triturate for 10 seconds immediately before application. Working time is three minutes and setting time is five to seven minutes. Provisa Cem GI was evaluated by 24 consultants in 430 uses. This glass ionomer luting cement received an 87% clinical rating.


Product Features

Provisa Cem GI is in a capsule that is easy to activate and mix. No separate activator is required, and the capsule fits into standard appliers. Dentists like using Provisa Cem GI in cases where margins are subgingival. Sustained fluoride release provides protection from recurrent caries in these vulnerable
areas. The ability to thoroughly remove all excess cement promotes a healthy tissue response. The need for mixing more than one capsule for multi-unit cases is a clinical consideration.

Suggested Retail Cost:  Box of 50 capsules: $149.79