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PRO-SYS® Tapered Toothbrush

Benco Dental

Consultants’ Comments

  • “It cleaned better than other manual brushes that I’ve used.”
  • “I love the donation concept.”
  • “The brush lays flat on a surface without rolling.”
  • “I really loved the softness of the tapered bristles and the deep-clean feeling it left behind.”
  • “It could be very effective for ortho patients.”
  • “Gray bristles do not look clean.”
  • “A textured handle would be easier to grip.”


The Pro-Sys Tapered Toothbrush includes DuPont Tynex tapered filaments arranged in a multi-level design. This design is intended to clean deeper in difficult-to-reach areas without sacrifi cing comfort. The handle is rubber-free for a cleaner surface. For every toothbrush sold, one is donated to someone in need. Pro-sys Tapered Toothbrush is available in three sizes in a variety of colors, and custom imprinting is available. Pro-Sys Tapered Toothbrush was evaluated by 32 dental professionals during a two-month period. This toothbrush earned an 86% clinical rating.



Clinical Observations

Cleaning ability
The longer, tapered bristles were rated highly for sweeping below the gum line for thorough cleaning. The multi-level design allowed the bristles to spread across the tooth surface with gentle pressure. Some users found the brush head to be too narrow and suggested an additional row or two of bristles to increase the surface area for improved effectiveness. The square brush tip was blunt, rather than tapered and inhibited access to upper molars in small mouths.

The comfort of any particular toothbrush is a personal preference. Many consultants found Pro-Sys Tapered Toothbrush to be gentle yet effective, leaving their teeth feeling very clean. Others rated comfort lower, commenting that the brush overall was stiffer than they would like.

Handle design
The hard plastic of the handle was smooth and easy to clean. Unlike brushes that incorporate a rubberized material into the handle, toothpaste residue was easy to rinse away and did not build up. The square geometry of the handle provided a gripping surface but did not fully prevent the brush from slipping in the hand.

Charitable Program
Twenty-nine percent of consultants said that a charitable giving program influences their decision to purchase a product, including the Pro-Sys Tapered Toothbrush.

Editors’ Note:

A new wide head will be available as an option.