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Plus Series Forceps

Consultants’ Comments

  • “We liked the profile and slightly thinner shape of the beaks.”
  • “Lightweight and balanced – great tactile feel.”
  • “The internal ridges on the beaks provided a good grip on the tooth.”
  • “Form and function was superb.”
  • “These forceps can grasp the tooth well down the root.”
  • “Efficient and good control, made all my extractions much more efficient.”
  • “Very solid feel and fantastic grip on teeth.”
  • “Using these forceps significantly reduced breakage of teeth and therefore reduced the number of extractions that became surgical cases.”
  • “The hinge was a little tight at first.”
  • “I’d like a smaller version as well.”

Clinical Tips

  • Let their design and beveled, serrated beaks do the work. You don’t need to apply much pressure with these forceps.
  • Get down right by the bone level and then utilize the wedge shape to slide down even further into the sulcus. Excellent grip!
  • Due to their straight shape, you need to grab teeth down further on the root, and also engage the crown of the tooth with the forceps beak higher up.

Evaluation Highlights

Plus Series Forceps were evaluated by 11 consultants for a total of 191 times.

  • Easy to use.
  • Efficient.
  • Excellent grip and tactile feel.
  • Good ergonomics.
  • Good control, lightweight and balanced.

Unique Feature

Beveled, serrated beaks for increased tooth and root surface contact.



Plus Series Forceps are available in universal upper and lower, root, and molar patterns. They are constructed in Germany from 100% stainless steel. The advanced beak designs will refine your atraumatic extraction technique and promote aesthetic success. Specifically, the beveled and serrated beaks increase contact with the tooth and root surface, decreasing the chance of root and tooth fracture. Plus Series Forceps handle design is lightweight and balanced, offering a high level of control during extractions.


Upper and lower extractions