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Panoramic Corporation

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Incredibly simple to use.”
  • “Image appears instantly.”
  • “Bitewing feature is a bonus.”
  • “Panoramic Corporation technical support is very responsive.”
  • “Image quality can be automatically set with the Equal Vertical button, but some adjustments may be necessary.”
  • “Temple supports are stiff to slide, but this rigidity keeps the patient aligned and still during imaging.”
  • “I observed overlap of teeth in the bicuspid area.”
  • “Provide a quick reference guide for the various images.”


The PC-4000 Digital Panoramic Imaging System combines a legacy of proven reliability with cutting edge digital technology that consists of an X-ray generator, a Cadium Telluride (CdTe) sensor and a software/computer/monitor complex. The X-ray generator is designed to be extremely durable and to produce consistently precise X-ray energy output. The CdTe sensor is designed to minimize light distortion by directly converting x-ray energy into electronic digital output providing improved image clarity and contrast. The sensor produces over 300 image frames per second for a multi-layered panoramic image that allows selective enhancement of the different layers. The complete PC-4000 installation package includes a properly matched computer system with pre-loaded imaging software that allows two-dimensional (2-D) rotation and multi-focal layer imaging for adjustment and correction along with dual focus operation, magnification and spinal compensation. The system features a menu with touch pad activation and LED readouts for selection of image type and kVp settings. Temple adjustments and a disposable bite guide aid in patient positioning. The provided imaging software is compatible with most popular practice management software, and it is TWAIN and DICOM compliant. Panoramic Corporation offers the system with all-inclusive pricing that includes shipping, installation, training, a 2-year part and labor warranty, a Dell computer and flat panel monitor as well as the Platinum Care Package (Free Phone & Online support and access to their nationwide service network). The PC-4000 was used by 17 consultants during a six-month evaluation period. It received a 90% clinical rating.

Equipment Features

The PC-4000 is a reliable system for producing 2-D panoramic images as well as TMJ and bitewing views. The quality of the panoramic images was rated very good. The unit requires little floor space and is simple to operate. Patient positioning is done manually by sliding the temple supports into position. The operator then reads the corresponding scale to select the proper kVp setting. The unit can accommodate patients over six feet tall in a standing position. Settings are easily entered, and the image is captured quickly, appearing on the monitor simultaneously with exposure. The resulting image may be enhanced through tools in the software before saving the image into the practice management system. Users were especially impressed by the one-click EV Clarity tool that removes distortion from the spinal column. Bridging software performed very well during the evaluation. Panoramic radiographs included a complete view of all anatomical structures expected for this type of image. A software upgrade and additional chin rest and forehead support enable the unit to take a bitewing-type image. This consists of separate left and right exposures that eliminate overlap in the bicuspid/molar areas. Consultants found this useful for cases in which traditional bitewings are not possible. Seventy-seven percent of consultants found PC-4000 to be better than their film-based panoramic system, while 6% reported it was equivalent. Eighty-two percent of consultants would switch to PC-4000, and 94% would recommend this product.

Clinical Tips

  • Make any desired enhancements before saving the image.

  • If the patient is between settings on the kVp scale, select the lower setting.