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Consultants’ Comments

  • “It’s like having an additional assistant without obstructing the view.”
  • “Excellent for veneer preparation and placement.”
  • “Provides the best lip protection during in-office bleaching.”
  • “Opens the patient’s mouth and protects the lips.”
  • “Provide a youth size for pediatric patients.”


OptraGate is a single-use, latex-free lip and cheek retractor that provides increased visibility and accessibility during dental procedures. It is highly flexible and elastic in all directions of movement for patient comfort and assists in keeping the patient’s mouth open. The device has a small inner plastic ring that is positioned in the area of the buccal vestibule, while the larger outer ring remains outside the mouth. The elastic component between the two rings is about 35 mm and it retracts the upper and lower lips for easy access to the oral cavity. OptraGate is indicated for a variety of applications including restorative procedures, tooth whitening and photography and is available in two sizes, small and regular. The retractors are individually wrapped for single use and packaged in an assortment box containing 40 each of the small and regular sizes. Twenty-five consultants evaluated OptraGate in more than 350 clinical applications. This product received a 97% rating.


Product Features

The available sizes and ease of placement were rated as good, while the resistance to tearing and quality of isolation were rated as excellent. The elastic has no odor or taste and does not irritate dental tissues when placed properly. OptraGate is ideal for protection of the lips, eliminating interference from the lips, and providing excellent isolation for anterior esthetic treatment. The flexible nature of the retractor encourages mouth opening, yet allows complete closure for checking occlusion. Placement of OptraGate can be accomplished quickly with no patient discomfort, although a few patients requested that the device be removed when it was in position for an extended period of time. Eighty-eight percent of consultants would recommend OptraGate and rated it equivalent to or better than their current retraction methods, while 74% would switch to it.

Clinical Tips

  • Lubricate the patient’s lips to ease placement of the retractor.
  • Place folded gauze between the retractor and the lips for greater patient comfort.

Editors’ Note: Following our evaluation, Ivoclar Vivadent announced it will be launching a pedodontic size, OptraGate Jr., in October 2005.