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OptiBond FL™ 

Kerr Corporation

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Material is easy to see on dentin, and not having to mix the adhesive is great.”
  • “Excellent fluoride-releasing light-cured bonding agent.”
  • “Instructions are excellent.”
  • “Adhesive sets quickly.”


OptiBond FL is a 4th-generation bonding agent with fluoride-release for use with composite to tooth surface applications. Provided in 8-ml bottles, it is conveniently placed, and the manufacturer recommends it as a replacement for conventional liner materials. Components for dual-curing are optional. OptiBond FL was used by 20 clinical consultants and placed in over 400 restorations. This product received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

In all categories, consultants rated OptiBond FL very good to excellent. Flow of the primer and adhesive was excellent and reduced waste during application. The ease of use and two-step procedure was appreciated by consultants, and many commented on the benefits of using the applicators. OptiBond FL is “easy to see and easy to place.”

Bond Strength to Tooth Structure, MPa

Enamel Dentin
OptiBond FL 32 31
ONE-STEP 29 28
Prime & Bond 21 25