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NobilStar Ultra


Consultants’ Comments

  • “I liked the elasticity of the clasps.”
  • “Clasps were easy to adjust.”
  • “Framework is light weight.”
  • “Smooth finish and good fit even with extremely worn dentition.”


NobilStar Ultra is a premium chromium-cobalt partial denture alloy. It is manufactured with a continuous casting process to provide consistency and enhanced physical properties (13% elongation). NobilStar Ultra is designed for easy adjustability compared to Vitallium (4.5% elongation) and to shine to a bright finish. NobilStar Ultra was used by eight clinical consultants in 26 cases over a five-month period. It received a 98% clinical rating.

Product Features

Consultants used NobilStar Ultra for a full range of conventional – and some non-conventional – removable partial denture frameworks. The alloy performed well in all cases. Remarkable features of this material are the light weight and the quality of being slightly flexible when placed in the mouth. The result is a very comfortable fit about which many patients commented. Consultants liked the elasticity and ease of adjustment of the clasps, and they reported that the fit was excellent. The finish is smooth but not glossy. One hundred percent of consultants reported that NobilStar Ultra was better than their current partial denture alloy. One hundred percent would switch to NobilStar Ultra and 100 % would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Use Accufilm liquid (blue) on the partial to find high spots for adjustment to aid in insertion.