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Avalon Biomed, Inc.


  • 23 Clinical Evaluators
  • 199 Total Uses
  • 90% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “I like the fact that it is pre-mixed and syringeable. It make it very easy to use in a pinch and is already the perfect consistency for placing.”
  • “Much easier to place than my current MTA material and it did not wash out after placing.”
  • “Easy placement and it does not discolor teeth.”
  • “It is a multi-purpose material.”
  • “Provided a well-sealed restoration immediately after pulp capping.”
  • “Difficult to manipulate especially for small spaces – I would like a tip to try and place more directly.”
  • “It stays soft. I would like it to firm up a bit more prior to restoration placement.”


  • Direct pulp cap
  • Indirect pulp cap
  • Partial pulpotomy
  • Cavity liner and base
  • Pulpotomy and apexogenesis
  • Perforation repair
  • Root resorption
  • Obturation
  • Root apexification
  • Root-end filling

Clinical Tips

  • Do not desiccate the site. NeoPUTTY needs slight moisture to set
  • Use a light curable glass ionomer over the NeoPUTTY prior to restoring.
  • Less is more. Use a small ball burnisher to apply for indirect/direct pulp capping.

Unique Attributes

  • This MTA material is already mixed and in a perfect putty form, for quick placement.
  • You can restore immediately after placement of this material – this saves considerable chair time compared to other MTA materials.
  • This material has a wide range of uses and can easily be your go-to material for root and pulp treatments.





NeoPUTTY (MTA) is a premixed bioactive bioceramic root and pulp treatment that is:

  • Ready to use, with no mixing required.
  • Does not dry out between uses.
  • Calcium and hydroxide ion releasing, promoting the formation of hydroxyapatite to seal and support healing.
  • Initially high in pH (basic) to promote osteogentic response when applied, allowing it to be antimicrobial.
  • Highest radiopacity in its class for better placement checks and follow up.
  • Non-staining.
  • Resin-free for maximum bioactivity and dimensional stability.