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Nano Freedom Light

DentLight, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The cordless feature is super-convenient.”
  • “I like the freedom to take off my loupes without having to worry about
  • a cord.”
  • “The light fits very easily on my magnified glasses and the clips are
  • easy to install.”
  • “After trying this light, I can’t imagine working without it.”
  • “Adaptable to loupes, lightweight, and no battery issues.”
  • “Easy to switch from one frame to another.”
  • “I had to change the battery in the middle of procedures. The battery
  • life needs to be at least 4 hours.”
  • “The weight of the batteries caused the loupes to tilt to one side.”
  • “Lower light intensity than I would like, especially in the molar region.
  • “I would like to be able to select the light intensity.”

Clinical Tips

  • If you find the loupes moving forward, strap the light on.
  • Remember to use the filter if you are placing composites.
  • Use zip ties if you find it difficult to use the mounting bracket – they work well.
  • Adjust the battery pod to the most comfortable position on the glasses temples to minimize weight.
  • Custom order with your loupe magnification for high intensity.
  • Change battery during lunch break to run through a whole day.

Evaluation Highlights

Nano Freedom Light was evaluated by 20 consultants who used it an average of 170 times.
• Convenient cordless feature.
• Easy-to-use hands-free activation.
• Easy to mount on frames and unobtrusive.
• The standard batteries are easy and inexpensive to replace.
• Adaptable to all major types of glasses.
• Easy battery charging.


Nano Freedom Light is a wireless, headlight system that integrates with all major loupes/frame designs. The headlight weighs 3g across the bridge of the nose. The LED light provides a focused, white beam of light of uniform intensity (20,000 lux and upgradable to 40,000 lux) with minimal glare and a color temperature of 5,500 K. Nano Freedom Light comes with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries, a battery pod that fits to the loupes/glasses frame temple, a universal clip-on, and a dual battery charger. Each battery has a run time of 3+ hours and takes 1 hour to fully recharge. Other components of the system include a composite filter, power adapter, optional custom loupe adapters and the manufacturer’s instructions for use.


Clinical procedures where focused illumination is desirable.

Unique Features

Nano Freedom Light includes hands-free battery activation. It also integrates with all major loupes/glass frames using custom adaptors, including for Orascoptic, Zeiss, Designs for Vision, and Surgitel designs.