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Sulzer Mixpac AG

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Homogeneous mix and less waste.”
  • “I found the MIXPAC T-Mixer tips to be an excellent product, providing a savings to the office without changing procedures.”
  • “Seemed to be easier to extrude material.”
  • “Got a good mix every time.”
  • “Shorter tips are easier to handle.”
  • “Tight fit onto some cartridges.”


MIXPACTM T-Mixer automix tips are a new generation of mixing tips designed to minimize material waste while providing a consistent, high-quality mixing result. The innovative design allows for a more compact shape by incorporating a higher number of mixing layers internally. MIXPAC T-Mixer tips are available in five sizes with the colored trademarked domes that are consistent with the domes on standard MIXPAC mixing tips. The green, yellow and pink sizes fit 1:1 or 2:1 cartridges; the blue size fits 4:1 or 10:1 cartridges; the brown size fits 1:1 handheld syringes. MIXPAC T-Mixer tips in yellow, pink and blue sizes were evaluated by 30 consultants in 985 uses. This automix tip received a 96% clinical rating.

Product Features

MIXPAC T-Mixer mixed materials as reliably as standard tips with significantly less waste. Attachment of the tips to the cartridges was a little stiff but secure. Being able to conserve material was the most highly rated feature of MIXPAC T-Mixer, and many dentists commented that it was very important to them. Testing by THE DENTAL ADVISOR confirmed that 25%-40% less waste occurred by using MIXPAC T-Mixer compared to longer, standard mixing tips. It should be noted that the MIXPAC T-Mixer tips did not adversely affect the critical mechanical properties of elastic recovery and strain-in-compression for impression materials or flexural strength and modulus for the restorative materials tested. Sixty-seven percent of consultants rated MIXPAC T-Mixer better than other mixing tips they were using and 20% rated it equivalent. Eighty-three percent would switch to MIXPAC T-Mixer and 87% would recommend it to a colleague.