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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Ergonomic and lightweight.”
  • “Works well and the abrasive powder does the job adequately”
  • “Small instrument, easy to hold and manipulate for intra-oral use.”
  • “Be aware that it will create overspray in the operatory.”
  • “I would like a connector that lets me move this from my dental unit to the lab.”
  • “Does not have enough force to remove all cement from crowns.”


MiniBlaster is a fully autoclavable, hand-held clinical sandblaster. It is designed to simultaneously deliver a narrow stream of abrasive powder and air to enhance adhesive procedures by increasing the micro-retention of bonding surfaces. The air-flow control valve is designed for use with an index finger by both right- and left-handed clinicians. The nozzle rotates to the clinician’s desired direction using the directional ratchet system. The MiniBlaster comes with an in-line pressure stopcock, quick disconnect feature, and an installation kit for connection to the dental unit. The MiniBlaster can connect to any standard high or low speed tubing (including 2-, 3-, 4-hole adaptors and Sirona, Kavo, and W&H dental units) via a full range of hook-up and adaptor options and should be operated at 80-100 psi. The MiniBlaster uses 50-micron aluminum oxide abrasive, although 90-micron particles can be used for procedures requiring aggressive cement removal. The MiniBlaster is indicated for the preparation of intra-oral surfaces prior to composite restorations and porcelain repairs and extra-oral surfaces prior to adhesive bonding procedures such as the removal of residual cement from crowns, bridges, orthodontic bands and brackets, for roughening metal/porcelain surfaces, and for etching endodontic posts. The powder chamber and the rear connector are removable, allowing the entire unit to be packaged and sterilized. An extension nozzle is available and offers 360° range for access to hard-to-reach areas. MiniBlaster was evaluated by six consultants in 172 uses. This sandblaster received an 86% rating.

Equipment Features

MiniBlaster is a lightweight sandblaster unit that produces smooth delivery of abrasive. The ability to install it on the dental unit is unique and is especially useful in offices that do not have an existing air line in the lab. Installation was challenging, and consultants suggested that it be delegated to a service technician. Operation of MiniBlaster is simple with the fingertip control. The position of the button and angle of the nozzle make it more useful outside the mouth than intraorally. Resistance to clogging was rated very good. Thirty-three percent of consultants found MiniBlaster to be better than other sandblasters they had used and 33% found it to be equivalent. Thirty-three percent would switch to MiniBlaster and 67% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Isolate with cotton rolls or a rubber dam for all intra-oral procedures.

  • Have chairside installation performed by a service technician.

  • Use a dust box or HVE to collect powder.

  • The jar needs to be held upright for the unit to function. It cannot be turned to reach all areas of the mouth.