Microbrush Tube Series – Disposable Applicators

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Will reach anywhere in the mouth.”
  • “Much nicer to use than pellets.”
  • “Handle size is good.”
  • “Still some rebound after bending.”


Microbrush Disposable Applicators are now available in a Tube Series packaging. The applicators are available in 3 sizes of non-linting tips: Superfi ne (white), Fine (pink and yellow) and Regular (purple, peach, blue, and green). The various sizes refer to the circumference and capacity of the tips. The colored handles allow one to color-code brushes to standardized procedures. The bendable neck design allows for 3 areas of bending. Each size/color is packaged in a 100-count, transparent, plastic cylinder. The cylinder stands upright, while a snap-locked opening in the base allows removal of the applicators. Twenty-fi ve consultants used this new packaging design of Microbrush in over 3000 clinical applications.

Product Features

Microbrush applicators were enthusiastically received for characteristics such as packaging, ease of dispensing, handle length and diameter, ease of bending, lack of rebound upon bending, ease of application of solutions, lack of dripping, adaptation of fi bers to cavity walls, and overall quality of the product. The Regular and Fine sizes were deemed more useful in size and volume capacity than the Superfi ne for most situations. The color-coding was noted as a good aid to maintain a proper sequence of solutions. Consultants liked the disposable aspect of Microbrush applicators and their low cost of about $0.06 per use. Ninety-six percent of consultants would purchase and recommend Microbrush Disposable Applicators.

Clinical Tips

  • Superfine size is great for clearing cement from interproximal areas.
  • Regular size is good for applying hemostatic agents.
  • Brushes provide good solution coverage in post preparations.
  • Excellent for application of sealants – avoids overload.