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RTD (Recherches Techniques Dentaires)

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I liked the shape and fit of the posts – good size selection.”
  • “Hands down the single best post drills I have ever used. They cut so easily and the posts fit perfectly every single time, absolutely no binding!”
  • “Color feature makes post visible during crown preparation.”
  • “I found the drills dulled before we could use all the posts.”
  • “Packaging is flimsy.”
  • “Retentive head often has to be removed when trimming the post to the proper length. Make the retentive head further down the length of the post.”


MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO is a tapered fiber post designed for enhanced retention. The translucent fiber post has a colored resin matrix, the color of which disappears at oral temperatures. The post color reappears on command with cold water spray. MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO uses proprietary, radiopaque quartz fibers for improved radiopacity, flexural strength and fatigue resistance. The post is designed with a series of serrations and passive threading cut into the surface, to provide self-retention regardless of the cementation media used. The Intro Kit includes 20 posts (5 each of 4 sizes – #1, #2, #3, #4), four Finishing Drills (corresponding to post dimensions), one Starter Drill, manufacturer’s instructions, and a size selection guide. Fourteen Editors placed 172 restorations utilizing this product. MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO received a 95% clinical rating.

Editors’ Observations

Manufacturer’s Instructions
Illustrated step-by-step instructions provide a guide to the complete preparation, cementation and core buildup. Separate written directions provide additional details. Both are clearly written and easy to follow.

Finishing drills are packaged in clear plastic vials that are re-closable and re-usable. The posts are in foil blister packs. Editors would have preferred sturdier packaging in which an unused post could be replaced if needed.

Ease of Identification (Color Coding)
The color of MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO makes it easy to identify the size, both in the package and in the mouth. Post colors correspond to colored rings on the drills. Editors rated the color coding as very good. The Editors appreciated the distinct colors of the posts and rings on the drills.

Convenience of Color-changing Feature
The color change of MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO was a favorite feature of the Editors. The pink, blue and green posts are much easier to see than the yellow color posts. The color disappears and the post becomes completely translucent at body temperature; no color is visible through restorations.

Effectiveness of Drills
Editors rated the effectiveness of the drills of MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO as good. While Editors liked the fit produced by the post drills, the drills became dull more quickly than expected.

Size Selection
The size selection of MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO is adequate for the majority of cases. Some Editors noted the need for a larger diameter, mainly for central incisors with large canals, which are available separately in most countries. A greater quantity of the smaller posts in the kit would be useful.

Post Design and Retention of Core Material
Editors rated the tapered shape of MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO as very good. The passive threads along the body of the post and the serrations in the head increase the potential for a high level of retention of the composite core. The overall length of each post is 20 mm, requiring shortening in most cases. Often many of the retentive serrations had to be cut off when shortening the post.

Ease of Cementation and Effectiveness of Light Transmission
As with other fiber posts, MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO can be luted with a resin cement. The manufacturer recommends applying the primer or bonding agent to the post as well as the tooth. Alternatively, self-adhesive resin cement or traditional cement can be used. Editors indicated using dual- or self-cured cements rather than relying on light transmission through the post for light-cured products.

Radiopacity and Fit of Post (Radiographically) to Canal
Posts are radiographically apparent and appeared to have good adaptation to the prepared space within the tooth.

Ease of Use
Editors rated the ease of use of MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO as very good. They commented that MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO is much easier to work with than some of the similar posts on the market – more user friendly.


Editors rated MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO overall as very good. Fifty percent of Editors reported that MACRO-LOCK POST ILLUSION X-RO was better than their current esthetic post, 71% would switch to it and 86% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Use dual-cured bonding agents and cements for increased retention.

  • Try in the post before cementation – use good locking pliers to hold onto it.

  • Clean post surface with alcohol before cementation.

  • Unused posts may be autoclaved.

Editors’ Note:

The US distributor is CLINICIAN’S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc., 800-265-3444,