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Lexa Sterilizer


  • 8 Clinical Evaluators
  • 1449 Total Uses
  • 94% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The Lexa Sterilizer offered completely dry instruments at the end of every cycle!”
  • “The size of the bin and depth allows you to set cassettes flat or straight.”
  • “The touch screen was great and easy to use.”
  • “This is nicer, more intuitive, and more effective than our sterilizer.”
  • It is a time savings to have the system plumbed due to the autofill and drain feature; otherwise this has to be done manually.”


The Lexa Sterilizer is a steam autoclave that offers versatile cycle program options for several loads, guaranteed by the closed-door drying process with HEPA filters and the use of new water with each cycle.


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Unique Attributes

  • Single-use water management – providing fresh water for each cycle.
  • Easy maintenance: no cleaning cycles required
  • Vacuum assisted drying for “bone dry” instruments after every cycle
  • Cycle recording on a USB memory stick
  • WiFi enable-able for easy traceability


  • Sterilization of any dental instrument or handpiece