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Comments from consultants:

  • “I love how gentle it is on my gum tissue.”
  • “For patients who are aggressive brushers, ISSA will do great job of cleaning without being abrasive.”
  • “Does not cause excessive foaming of the toothpaste like other power brushes.”
  • Silicone I loved! Massaged well, and felt clean.
  • The brush was better than I had expected. I loved how gentle it was on my gum tissue and its ability to remove plaque effectively.


The ISSA™ oral-care device has a unique silicone design that creates immediate visual appeal as well as allows it to be ergonomic and user-friendly. It channels 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute to create micro-sweeps that break up and remove plaque to effectively clean the teeth and gums in a unique gentle way, unlike electric toothbrushes that utilize a rotary motion combined with nylon bristles that can result in trauma to gum tissue and damage to tooth enamel. The pulsations also deliver a comfortable gum massage that reach deep into the gum tissue, increasing circulation and supporting the growth and maintenance of its keratinized tissue.

The ISSA™ is available with two brush head options:

Silicone Brush Head

  • Developed for gentle yet effective cleaning of teeth and gums.
  • Suitable for people who prefer a softer cleaning experience, have highly sensitive gums or have a damaged, thin layer of enamel.
  • Made completely from ultra-hygienic silicone material that resists bacteria buildup

Hybrid Brush Head

  • Silicone + PBT polymer bristles, engineered for more vigorous cleaning of the teeth while remaining gentle on gums.
  • Suitable for people who seek for stronger cleaning due to more plaque buildup.
  • Outer silicone bristles cover gums to gently brush and massage them while inner PBT polymer bristles deliver stronger brushing of teeth.

The ISSA™, with its 2 brush head options, was distributed to 38 dental professionals to use during a 60-day period (30 days for the Silicone Brush Head and 30 days for the Hybrid Brush Head) and both were evaluated after. The clinical score of 81% was given to the ISSA™ overall.

After the test period, the following positive evaluation was given:


The test subjects agreed that the ISSA™ has the potential to minimize abrasion and improve gingival health, which is a benefit to patients whose teeth or gingiva need special care. The gingival massage that can increase circulation feels good on the tissue, and the intensity may be set to the user’s preference. About one third of the testers would recommend the ISSA™ for specific dental issues, and an additional one third would add it to their patients’ regimens.

Product Features

The ISSA™ modern design is aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and optimizes convenience. The device is lightweight and comfortable to hold, promoting the proper grip required to properly brush the teeth. Its brush head is flexible to reach the entire mouth and wide so the teeth and gums are cleaned in one stroke. The durable design allows the brush heads to last for 6 to 12 month, depending on the model. A built-in timer pulses every 30 seconds and pulses three times in succession after 2 minutes to signify the end of the brushing routine. The ISSA™ is also travel-friendly as it requires no charging dock and each full charge lasts for 365 uses.


In conclusion, the ISSA™ device was given a generally positive evaluation. The testers liked both the Silicone and Hybrid Brush Heads and the features of the device. Almost half of the testers would recommend the ISSA™ and agree that it would be perfect for those with extra-sensitive teeth or people undergoing dental procedures.