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implantlink semi

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Nice mix, nice shade, easy to handle.”
  • “Ease of dispensing.”
  • “I liked the gel phase clean-up.”
  • “Ease of removal of restoration.”
  • “Sporadically, I had some issues with retention.”


implantlink semi is a dual-cured, temporary resin cement for luting restorations to implants. implantlink semi is designed to have very low displacement resistance and the possibility of a low film thickness of less than 10 μm The manufacturer claims a high compressive strength and hermetic sealing. implantlink semi can be used with all conventional material combinations. It is eugenol-free, odorless and tasteless and available in a natural opaque color for screening metallic abutments. The working time at room temperature is about 80 seconds and the cement self cures in 5-6 minutes. Light curing for  approximately 20 seconds per surface produces setting to a gel phase. The kit contains one, 5 mL automix syringe of cement; 10 mixing tips; manufacturer’s instructions; and MSDS. implantlink semi was evaluated by 23 consultants in 185 uses. This product received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

implantlink semi is neat and easy to use from the automix syringe. The low viscosity resin spreads easily inside the restoration, and the thixotropic nature of the cement allows complete seating of the restoration with pressure. Tack curing allows easy removal of excess cement at the margins during the gel phase. The complete setting of the cement in areas not exposed to the light, 5-6 minutes as recommended by the manufacturer, was considered too long, however, this is the standard self-cure setting time of other temporary implant cements on the market. While implantlink semi is designed for semi-permanent cementation, some consultants experienced, in a few cases, retention problems with crowns coming off during the three-month evaluation period. Forty-four percent of consultants reported that implantlink semi was better than their current temporary cement and 35% reported that it was equivalent. Seventy percent would switch to implantlink semi and 78% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • In order to avoid adhesive problems, do not block screw channel with petroleum jelly or wax.

  • Do not use bonding agents, adhesives or primers with this product.

  • Tack cure with light is recommended to reduce setting time.

  • If transparent material (e.g. translucent ceramics) is used, additional light exposure will accelerate curing.

Editors’ Note:

implantlink semi Forte is available for cases in which more retention is required.