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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Instruments are clean and dry before sterilization.”
  • “I used the five minute rinse cycle to clean soiled instruments immediately after use – later I ran a full cycle.”
  • “Control panel is easy to operate.”
  • “I had to reconsider sequencing of my sterilization process.”


The HYDRIM L110w G4 is a large capacity, stainless steel instrument washer that can be freestanding or mounted under a counter. The G4 series features a web connection and interface that allows for data storage and remote access communication with technical service. Two interior racks hold up to 10, 8” x 11” instrument cassettes. Performance features include low water consumption, short cycles and hot air drying. Several accessory options are available, including a hinged instrument holder. The unit is operated by a color touch screen that displays cycle information. Cycle times range from 5-35 minutes. HYDRIM L110w G4 was installed in a single doctor dental office and was evaluated in over 300 uses. This instrument washer received a 95% clinical rating.

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Clinical Tips

  • Clean composite and cement off of instruments before placing them in the HYDRIM L110w G4.
  • Do not place burs in the instrument washer.
  • Use care when installing a new solution container to avoid kinking the associated hose.