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Hands-OnLine LIVE

Hands-OnLine LIVE


  • 21 Clinical Evaluators
  • 96% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “I love being able to have all of the products sent to me and being able to work alongside a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). I get to try new products and get tips from dentists that are considered some of the best in the country.”
  • “With this format I can see and feel the process, identifying mistakes and make improvements before going chairside.”
  • “The Zoom format was actually great! I could try things in the comfort and familiarity of my own operatory, asking questions was easy, and the way he looped different steps in the demonstration and gave us some time to practice was great.”
  • “I really like the quality of the course: the lecture, materials, and ease of registration. I feel like it is a very good value.”
  • “Easy to register and good correspondence in keeping me alert and aware of the course and anything else I needed to do in preparation for it. Excellent customer service and follow up, both via email and phone to ensure I received the course materials. The packaging and layout of the course materials is well thought out.”
  • “The materials that were sent made the course extremely easy to follow along with.”
  • “Compared to in person, I don’t think Zoom CE can ever match up. It is especially important to have instructor feedback with hands-on subject matter. That being said, I think this is an incredibly easy way to be introduced to great quality CE and at a great price-point.”

How would you compare this style of course with other courses you’ve taken in the past?

  • “It is a great format that allows participants to be engaged and have a true hands-on experience in a virtual format.” 
  • “I like how there is allocated time to do the procedure without taking away from the participants ability to watch and view what the presenter is doing.”
  • “I was more comfortable using my own equipment, didn’t have to use compressed air, and it was easier to make notes of any products I wanted to have ordered the next day.” 
  • “In some ways I liked this better, but I missed ability to have those side chats with colleague attendees, which are important for growth and networking.”

Course Subject Evaluated:
Mastering the Class IV Restoration

  • In this course, participants are instructed on a technique designed to create a lifelike Class IV restoration that mimics the patient’s adjacent teeth.
  • Step-by-step layering technique demonstrated with varying layers of opacity and translucency.
  • Includes polishing regimen
  • Focuses on ensuring a natural esthetic result

Course Instructor Evaluated

  • “Dr. Bob Margeas is a wonderful presenter and teacher. He is a subject matter expert and provides helpful tips and guidance for real world dentistry.”
  • “I appreciated the realistic perspective on materials – ‘what works best for you.’”
  • “Great narrative and pace.”
  • “Excellent pearls on placement and technique.”
  • “I have attended his lectures both in person and virtually, and he is always very engaging and a top tier educator.”





Hands-OnLine LIVE: Live, interactive dental education delivered digitally

  • Two ways to learn: Online Live and 30 Days on Demand
  • Includes a technique kit with all models, materials, and instruments required to complete the course
  • Is taken in the comfort of one’s own operatory

Unique Attributes

  • This is a hands-on course that is virtual, allowing you to perform the techniques in your own office.
  • All materials necessary to perform the procedure are sent to your office ahead of time, including a model and composite placement instrument.
  • High-quality continuing education from top-tier lecturers without having to travel.
  • A variety of live courses are currently offered.