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Good Vibrations

Certol International

Consultants’ Comments

  • “As soon as you put the instruments in the solution you could see it start working.”
  • “Instruments come out shiny and clean.”
  • “It mixed into the water well and was easily washed off the instruments.”
  • “Works great on burs and surgical instruments.”
  • “The ease of one pump into the ultrasonic made easy incorporation into the office.”

Clinical Tips

  • To avoid foaming, fill the ultrasonic tank with water first then add the concentrate.
  • Do not use Good Vibrations to clean evacuation lines.
  • Change solution at least daily.


Good Vibrations is a highly concentrated instrument cleaning solution designed for use in ultrasonic cleaners. It provides quick and thorough removal of a wide range of debris while protecting instruments with anti-corrosives.  Good Vibrations utilizes an odor suppressant to neutralize organic and chemical odors and has a light mint scent. It is biodegradable and contains no phosphates. The dilution ratio is one ounce of solution per gallon of water. The one-gallon bottle with metered pump was evaluated; it is also available in a box of 24 unit-dose packets. Good Vibrations was evaluated by 32 consultants in 816 uses. This ultrasonic cleaning solution received a 96% clinical rating.


Product Features

Good Vibrations is a detergent-based cleaner that meets the demand for non-enzymatic, more environmentally friendly products. It does an excellent job of cleaning organic and non-organic debris from instruments, leaving a clean, shiny surface. Testing at THE DENTAL ADVISOR confirmed that it effectively removed even dried-on blood and saliva. It is non-corrosive and safe for jointed instruments and curets.  Good Vibrations rinses easily.

Suggested Retail Cost

$22.50/gallon bottle with pump