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Consultants’ Comments

  • “The spring loaded handles are brilliant. Very comfortable and a good fit in the hand.”
  • “These forceps make extractions easier. They were ready when they were handed to me.”
  • “I liked the ease of holding them without having to use two of my finger to open the forceps.”
  • “I really liked the serrated tips and the hinges. The beaks gripped teeth well.”
  • “The blue color is distinct, and it also helps to make blood less visible.”
  • “You don’t need to use a lot of pressure or force with these forceps.”
  • “These forceps work nicely on deciduous teeth and are less bulky than my regular forceps.”

Clinical Tips

  • Beaks on the lower molar forceps are very useful for gripping teeth fractured off at the roots.
  • If you do lots of extractions, use these forceps as often as possible to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Make sure the tips of the beaks are fully under the gum.

Evaluation Highlights

FRINGS ® were evaluated by 20 consultants, with a total of 367 uses.

  • Ergonomic, spring-loaded handles.
  • Auto-retraction feature.
  • Serrated tips and hinges for grip.
  • Available in multiple beak designs.


  • Dental extractions

Unique Features

  • Patented internal spring design for auto-retraction.
  • Blue two-tone titanium finish for easy identification.
  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Lifetime warranty.


FRINGS ® are unique forceps with springs. They offer a spring mechanism that allows the forceps to auto-retract, removing the need to use fingers to open the forceps. They also incorporate an ergonomic grip designed to provide for optimal handling. FRINGS ® are the only forceps in the world with an internal spring featuring a never seen before patented auto-retractable technology. They are fabricated with German stainless steel for durability, a two-tone registered titanium finish, and come with a lifetime warranty. FRINGS ® are available in a wide range of the most desirable beak designs for high precision and performance – reducing the risk of tooth fracturing. The beak designs include upper incisors, anteriors, premolars, upper molars, lower molars, special cow horns for lower molars, and root forceps.