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Flexitime Bite

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to dispense.”
  • “It is rigid and easy to trim – doesn’t break.”
  • “Great scanning detail – no need for powder.”
  • “I would like a faster setting time.”
  • “Sticks to the teeth and tissue.”


Flexitime Bite® is an addition silicone (PVS) bite registration material. Flexitime Bite may be used for conventional bite registration or in conjunction with CAD/CAM systems. Flexitime Bite can be scanned using an optical scanner intraorally or in the lab without the addition of a reflective powder. Flexitime Bite is a lavender color and sets hard in 30 to 90 seconds. Each box contains two, 50-ml cartridges, 12 mixing tips and manufacturer’s instructions. Flexitime Bite was evaluated by 19 consultants in 311 uses. It received a 92% rating.

Product Features

Consultants observed that Flexitime Bite was easy to use by applying it directly from the automix cartridge onto the occlusal surfaces of the teeth. Intraoral setting time is longer than the manufacturer’s claim of 30 seconds. Consultants reported that the material scans well without the need for powder. The set material is easy to trim with a sharp instrument such as a scalpel. The material is hard but not brittle and does not chip or crumble during trimming. Forty-seven percent of consultants reported that Flexitime Bite was better than other bite registration materials and 42% reported it was equivalent. Sixty-eight percent would switch to Flexitime Bite and 84% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Initially dispensed material is runny. Bleed cartridge before first use per instructions.
  • Dry teeth before placing the material.