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  • 30 Dental Professionals
  • 787 Total Uses
  • 92% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • I had less sensitivity issues with this material.”
  • Excellent flowability with both the low and high viscosities.
  • It has a smooth workability.”
  • It is just a more efficient system.”
  • Great product, especially when working fast because isolation is a challenge.”
  • I liked the optical properties and luster of the final polish.”
  • I’m assuming this is the first of many products like this and it’s exciting. As someone who has practiced a long time, I can see that this is the start of another great advancement.”
  • The technique requires an initial 0.5 mm layer that is difficult to not make too thick.”
  • “I felt the material was too translucent in some applications.”


FIT SA flowable restorative material:

  • Self-adhesive – no separate bonding agent needed
  • Releases and recharges 6 ions, including fluoride, for the life of the restoration via Shofu’s Giomer Technology
  • Available in two viscosities: (F03) low flow and (F10) high flow
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Unique Attributes

  • Easy and fast technique with no separate etchant or adhesive needed.
  • The two viscosities make it more versatile with uses as a liner or for select restorations.
  • This product’s bioactive properties have an anti-bacterial, acid neutralization, and tooth strengthening effect.


  • Liner
  • Class III restorations
  • Class V restorations
  • Small class I restorations such as a preventive resin restoration (PRR)
  • Other non-load-bearing restorations

Clinical Tips

  • Be careful when placing layers not to make them too thick, especially the first 0.5 mm layer.
  • Use the low flow for Class V restorations.
  • Express prior to use and keep pressure on the handle to prevent bubbles. Do this yourself instead of the assistant handing it to you, as the release of pressure from the handle during the exchange can cause bubbles.
  • Great for the initial fill in Class II box preparations. You get a great seal against the matrix band and the floor of the preparation.