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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Love the weight and not having to deal with a cord. Best light I’ve tried yet.”
  • “Needs to weigh less.”
  • “I liked the way the magnet and battery connectors worked for the on off switch. I thought the design was quite ingenious.”
  • “Make the composite filter more secure.”
  • “The battery lasts about four hours, however there is a second light.”
  • “It would be good to be able to tell how much battery life is left without removing the headlight and placing it back on the charging unit.”
  • “I had to remove the mount of my other headlights to accommodate the fixture for the Firefly….but it was worth it. I do not use a light all the time but this is just a wonderful system.”

Clinical Tips

  • Use the fixation screw to help keep the light adjusted in the position you want.
  • Cordless feature gives you more freedom to move your head.

Evaluation Highlights

FireFly was evaluated by 20 consultants, with an average of 68 uses per consultant.

  • Lightweight, cordless, and easy to install and use. A really cool light.
  • Great visual indicator of how charged the pod actually is at a given time.
  • Good light intensity, and easy to mount. A little tough to adjust light intensity on the fly.
  • Excellent visual field. • Portability is good, and recharge of the light/battery pods is quick and easy.
  • Allow more permanent adjustment/fixation of the light position.
  • An on/off mechanism would help, so it could be left on the mounting.
  • Could do with a better amber filter and perhaps a gasket.
  • Visual indicator on the charging station is great.


  • Use for all procedures requiring loupes for visualization of the clinical field.

Unique Features

FireFly is cordless, and designed with a universal mount to fit any loupes.


FireFly is a cordless headlight system with a universal mount. It weighs 28 g, has 2 intensity settings and a 70 mm spot size. FireFly comes with two light pods, a power adaptor, dual charger, magnetic mount, 2 composite filters, and a carrying case. It runs for over 90 minutes on its high setting and for more than 150 minutes on its low setting. FireFly can be easily cleaned and disinfected using standard chemical wipes.