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EyeSpecial C-III Camera


Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to use with the different pre-set dental modes and shade comparison abilities.”
  • “The WiFi compatibility is a great asset. With the Patient ID feature, photos can be labelled with patient ID numbers and sent wirelessly from the camera to a computer or iPad.”
  • “The EyeSpecial C-III Camera is so easy to use. I love how it has a sensor to let you know how close the camera should be to the patient in each setting to get an optimal picture.”
  • “The photos have crystal-clear detail and fantastic color. The isolate shade mode is wonderful to communicate with labs about cases.”
  • “The camera is fantastic for orthodontic records and bleaching records.”
  • “Light weight, very easy on operator to take photo without assistance.”

Evaluation Highlights

  • The EyeSpecial C-III Camera was evaluated by 12 consultants, with an average of 26 uses.


  • “Make sure there is enough distance between the subject and the camera to prevent washout…use good quality mirrors.”
  • “Light-weight, very easy on operator to take photo without assistance.”
  • “I would recommend it for intraoral images”.


The EyeSpecial C-III Camera offers auto-cropping, focus, zoom, an automatic flash adjustment for true color reproduction. It is lightweight for comfort and comes with a touch screen that is pressure activated. It features 8 pre-set dental shooting modes: standard, surgery, mirror, face, low glare, whitening (for shade comparison), tele-macro (close up anterior), and isolate shade mode which grays out gingival tissue for optimal shade matching. The EyeSpecial C-III Camera has wireless capabilities, enables HIPAA compliance and can be quickly disinfected with a disinfecting wipe.