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  • 28 Dental Professionals
  • 460 Total Uses
  • 88% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “I noticed that there was a definite benefit to wearing EarAID. I felt comforted in knowing that my hearing was being protected while wearing. My only regret is that EarAID was not around at the beginning of my career.”
  • “I liked the rapid response to any loud pitch. High volume suction, handpieces etc. were quick to trigger it on; however, I could still hear conversations.” 
  • “There were many options to customize the fit in one’s ear with different ear tips. They were light weight, low profile, and could detect specific dental frequencies and lower them.”
  • “I am experiencing minor hearing loss and it is a great preventive tool. Every team member should be wearing hearing protection.”
  • “Achieved noise reduction with little reduction of hearing ability.”
  • “When you are not used to ear protection, getting used to wearing the device was trying.”
  • “I would like these to have a better battery life.”


EarAID™ is a high-definition electronic earpiece:

  • Designed specifically for hearing protection in the dental setting
  • High-definition, custom electronic circuit
  • Small, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Automatically protects against all damaging noise levels
  • Seven different ear tips to accommodate a variety of ear canal sizes and noise isolation level needs

Unique Attributes

  • Allows any sounds at normal levels through te earpiece and only reduces sounds at damaging noise levels
  • Easy to hear patients and team members speak while wearing

Clinical Tips

  • Turn them on before you put them in your ears, as it is hard to locate the little switch once it is in your ears.