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Dynamix Speed

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Loading an impression tray is usually hard on my hand from squeezing the handle of an automix gun. This mixing system is literally as easy as the push of a button.”
  • “Cartridges are easy to change.”
  • “Short mixing tips minimize waste.”
  • “Fast mixing and excellent results.”
  • “I would like to have a foot pedal so I have both hands free.”


Dynamix speed is an automatic impression mixing unit with three speed options. It is designed to facilitate the mixing and extrusion of polyether, VPS and alginate substitute impression materials with a mixture ratio of 5:1 in bulk cartridges or foil bags. Dynamix speed is an improvement of the original Dynamix machine with three different delivery speeds – two for loading trays and one for loading syringes. The high-speed option delivers material twice as fast as the original machine. Cartridges are marked with a symbol designating the proper speed setting, based on viscosity of the material. The Dynamix speed unit comes with a two-year warranty, with the option to extend the warranty for an additional two years. Dynamix speed was evaluated by 12 consultants in 56 uses. This impression mixer received a 96% clinical rating.





Equipment Features

Dynamix speed is an excellent unit for mixing and dispensing impression material. The fast speed makes it stand out among mixers, loading trays in a short amount of time. Compared to hand mixing (putty) or extrusion from an automix cartridge that can cause hand fatigue, dental assistants noted that using Dynamix speed was effortless. The unit works with all brands of dynamic mixing impression materials (see box). The machine has a compact size and neat appearance, and the functions are clearly marked. A fill level indicator allows visual estimation of amount of material remaining in the cartridge

Clinical Tips

  • Only Dynamix cartridges labeled with a “star” symbol can be delivered at the high-speed option.