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DC-Air Wireless Sensor

Freedom Technologies Group


  • 6 Clinical Evaluators
  • 274 Total Uses
  • 91% Clinical Rating

Consultants’ Comments

  • “The signal for the Bluetooth is really strong!”
  • “The image quality is very good.”
  • “No cords, great quality imaging.”
  • “Very durable construction.”
  • “Wireless just makes things easier.”
  • “The support we received was excellent.”
  • “Change the size of some of the sensor holders to accommodate different sized mouths.”


DC-Air is:

  • A Wireless Intra-Oral Sensor
  • Powered by Bluetooth technology
  • Directly converted; it translates x-rays into an electronic signalfor increased sharpness and resolution
  • Constructed with direct silicon (Si) semiconductor substrate which provides durability by eliminating the glass fiber optic and scintillation layers in conventional sensors

Clinical Tips

  • We found that the small sleeves used for covering the bite stick on our digital pan/CBCT are perfectly sized to cover the sensor.
  • Have the patient close slightly for posterior x-rays.
  • Be sure to check the energy emitted; our cordless Nomad had to be increased in strength to improve the image.
  • Have the patient bite down halfway and slowly for posterior PAs to get a better angle.
  • You can use other brand sensor holders.


  • All intra-oral dental radiography indications, including horizontal and vertical bitewings, individual peri-apical and occlusal films