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Ceramir Crown & Bridge Quikcap

Doxa Dental Inc.

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “Very easy to clean up.”
  • “Good radiopacity.”
  • “Easy to use and mix.”
  • “Simple application and I liked the consistency.”
  • “Smooth, complete seating with no sensitivity.”
  • “Slower setting time than I am used to.”
  • “Did not like that I had to triturate in the amalgamator.”
  • “My assistant had a hard time activating the capsule.”


  • Metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and bridges
  • Gold inlays and onlays
  • Cast or prefabricated metal posts
  • High-strength ceramic crowns and bridges and implant crowns suitable for conventional cementation such as zirconia, alumina, and lithium disilicate

Clinical Tips

  • Make sure to clean in the gel stage. Once it is set, it is very difficult to remove excess.
  • The cement hardens quickly at the 2-minute mark, so I carefully floss the contacts at 1-minute 30 seconds.

Unique Attributes

  • Contains glass ionomer powder
  • Bioceramic
  • Quikcap capsules
  • Maintains a high pH to resist acid and acid-producing bacteria
  • Hydrophilic and requires no etching, priming, bonding, or conditioning
  • Nanostructurally integrates with enamel and dentin; self-sealing
  • Fluoride-releasing
  • High strength and retention

Evaluation Highlights

Ceramir Crown & Bridge Quikcaps were evaluated by 9 consultants, with a total of 96 uses.

  • Easy clean up
  • Nanostructurally integrates with enamel and dentin
  • No etching, priming, bonding, or conditioning required
  • Quikcap capsules


Ceramir Crown & Bridge Quikcap is a radiopaque, biocompatible, bio-ceramic luting cement. It is supplied in a Quikcap capsule that is activated and mixed before direct application. The cement is self-setting with a working time of 2 minutes and a setting time (from end of mixing) of up to 8 minutes. The set cement nanostructurally integrates with enamel and dentin. No etching, priming, bonding or conditioning is required prior to application of the cement. Clean-up is performed during the gel-phase setting, when clean-up is fast, and excess easily peels away. Ceramir Crown & Bridge Quikcap is available in unit dose Quikcap capsules.