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Better Faster Cheaper (BFC) Syringe

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Consultants’ Comments

  • “Easy to place impression material intraorally – less waste and less expensive than traditional mixing tips.”
  • “Small syringe allows better access into the mouth; the angle allows better access to the teeth.”


Better Faster Cheaper (BFC) Syringe is a disposable syringe for mixing and dispensing light-body impression material, high-viscosity cements and temporary materials from a standard cartridge. The syringe is designed to avoid wasting material that is typically left in a standard mixing tip. The BFC Syringe features a small, angled intraoral tip designed to provide control and access to tight and hard-to-reach areas, to allow direct access to the entire sulcus and to minimize bubbles at the margin. The syringe can be pre-loaded with material before the patient appointment. For this evaluation, BFC Syringe was used by 12 consultants to mix and dispense impression material in 200 cases. BFC Syringe received an 86% clinical rating.

Clinical Observations

Manufacturer’s Instructions/Ease of Loading Syringe

Manufacturer’s instructions were easy to follow. Editors reported that it was easy to fill BFC Syringe from large automix cartridges. It is important to leave some unfilled space in the syringe in which to seat the plunger.

Convenience of Pre-loading and Storing Material/Quality of Material after Storage in Syringe

Once the syringe is filled, the base and catalyst remain separate. The syringe is well sealed, and the quality of material after storage in syringe received a fair rating.

Ease of Removing Tab for Use/Mixing of Material

A tab prevents material from being accidentally mixed by blocking the mixing tip. The tab is fairly easy to remove. Consultants liked the quality of mixing.

Ease of Use/Ability to Control Placement of Material/Ease of Accessing Hard-to-reach Areas

Consultants liked the quality of mixing, ability to access hard-to-reach areas and ability to control placement of material. BFC Syringe is small and lightweight and considerably easier to maneuver than a large automix cartridge. Overall, the syringe is convenient and easy to use and control due to its small size.

Lack of Air Bubbles in Material

Some Editors reported air bubbles incorporated in the mix. Bubbles can be trapped in the impression material dispensed from the original cartridge. The BFC Syringe allows the air bubbles to be seen before injecting impression material into the preparation.

Lack of Material Wasted

It takes some experience to know how much impression material to load into the BFC Syringe. Editors reported less waste of impression material compared to traditional mixing tips. The amount of plastic used in the BFC Syringe is similar to that used in a traditional mixing tip plus intraoral tip.

Time Saving (Lack of Messy Clean-up)

Using BFC Syringe is a little more time consuming than directly using an automix cartridge for a single impression. It is most efficient to pre-load multiple syringes before patient appointments.

Capacity of Syringe

Each syringe holds enough light body impression material for approximately two to three teeth.
Perceived Cost Savings with Use of Syringe

Many consultants were impressed with the cost saving compared to standard mixing tips and intraoral tips.


Twenty-five percent of Editors reported that BFC Syringe was better, whereas 42% reported it was equivalent to their current syringe. Thirty-three percent would switch and 42% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Pre-load some syringes before patient appointment with different amounts of impression material for single and multiple preparations.