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Avagard D

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Great product – the staff wants to switch.”
  • “Hands dry quickly, making it easy to don gloves.”
  • “A small amount goes a long way.”
  • “My hands feel very soft after I use Avagard D.”


Avagard D is an antiseptic hand lotion intended for waterless hand sanitizing in dental offices. Avagard D contains moisturizing agents to protect skin from the drying and cracking often associated with hand hygiene regimens. The lotion meets the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control. The lotion contains 61% ethyl alcohol, is fragrance- and dye-free, and is compatible with latex gloves. It is available in a 16-oz counter-top pump dispenser. Sixty-five clinical consultants used Avagard D in over 2,900 applications. This product received a 91% clinical rating.

Product Features

Dental office staff members found the countertop pump dispenser easy to use with only light pressure needed to express enough Avagard D to coat the hands. Absorption by the skin occurs readily, leaving hands soft and dry. The ability to don and remove gloves after using Avagard D was rated highly. The alcohol odor of Avagard D dissipates fairly quickly as the lotion dries; there were no negative comments from patients in this regard. The moisturizing effect on skin received a 90% clinical rating during the one-month evaluation period. Eighty-nine percent of evaluators rated Avagard D as good as or better than their current protocol for skin hygiene and health, 76% indicated they would switch to Avagard D, and 88% would recommend it to their colleagues.

Clinical Tips

  • Apply Avagard D in front of patients so they appreciate this extra step in protecting their health.
  • Keep a bottle on receptionists’ desks for their benefit.