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All Ceramic Polishers

Cosmedent, Inc.

Consultants’ Comments

  • Cosmedent’s All Ceramic Polishers get the job done!”
  • “I like that there is one polishing kit for all ceramic types.”
  • “Easy to use – the color sequencing was easy to follow.”
  • “Excellent results for IPS e.max and zirconia – very gentle on restorations.”
  • “Nicely organized kit for all ceramic restorations – very convenient.”
  • “A 2-step process instead of the usual 4-step.”
  • “Make sure to use the final polishers – the results are unbelievably good.”
  • “Polishers seem to hold up and don’t disintegrate during use.”

 Clinical Tips

  • Use light pressure and low speed – follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Take the time with each wheel for the best results.
  • For broader grooved areas such as molar buccal surfaces, use the disc polisher instead of the point to get a higher shine.

Evaluation Highlights

All Ceramic Polishers were evaluated by 24 consultants, with a total of 412 and 369 uses for the extra-oral and intra-oral kits, respectively.

  • Intra- and extra-oral polishing kits.
  • Polishers are suitable for all types of ceramics.
  • Color-coded sequence.
  • Simple, easy-to-use system.
  • Produces a high polish/gloss.


  • Polishing zirconia, lithium disilicate and feldspathic porcelain restorations.
  • Polishing all other milled CAD/CAM ceramic restorative materials.

Unique Features

  • Polishers contained in the kit work for all types of ceramic materials.
  • Rapid polishing.


All Ceramic Polishers are designed for extra-oral or intra-oral high-gloss polishing of all ceramic restorations. The extra-oral kit components have a straight handpiece shank. All Ceramic Polishers are available in an intra-oral kit containing two sizes of grinders for zirconia and lithium disilicate, as well as a polishing cup, disc and point in both medium and supefine grits. The extra-oral kit contains two sizes of grinders and one size in polishing points, wheels and discs, also in both medium and superfine grits.