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AirStar 70 Dental Air System

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Quiet and requires little maintenance while providing consistent air pressure.”
  • “Very low maintenance, no oily smell.”
  • “Handpieces run strong, air lines are moisture free, and many operators are able to work at one time.”


AirStar 70 Dental Air System is a 100% oil-free air compressor with membrane drying technology. This technology is designed to provide the driest possible compressed air at all times, on demand, with no interruptions. AirStar 70 has Teflon technology, which removes the need for oil-driven mechanisms. A Teflon ring lubricates the precision cylinder housing the piston, leading to a near frictionless motion. The main tank of the AirStar 70 and all AirStar compressors are now lined with a patented antimicrobial coating to inhibit the growth and transmission of harmful bacteria. This patented, silver-based powder coating uses environmentally sustainable silver ions that work 24/7 to protect against bacterial cell functions, by disrupting and prohibiting their growth and reproduction. Silver ions have proven effective at inhibiting the growth of many types of bacteria. This latest technology, which creates a uniform, total surface covering, ultra-thin internal lining, protects instruments and handheld equipment from oxidation and preserves the patients’ health. The AirStar 70 is virtually maintenance-free. There is no oil to monitor or change; it only requires an annual filter change. The AirStar 70 can accommodate up to 10 air users and complies with NFPA 99C Level 3. The improved air intake filters, rubber shock mounts and flat frame on the AirStar systems are designed to reduce vibration for a quieter performance. AirStar 70 with the optional sound cover was evaluated by eight consultants over a period of six months. It received a 96% rating.

Equipment Features

Consultants reported that the AirStar 70 provided strong and consistent power for many operators and required no regular maintenance. The optional sound cover requires extra wiring for its cooling fans but completed the system with an installation that reduces operating noise. Compared to oiled compressors, AirStar 70 requires much less maintenance. Eighty-eight percent would switch to AirStar 70 and 100% would recommend it.

Clinical Tips

  • Install the sound cover – besides reducing noise, the unit is less likely to get dusty and dirty.

  • Install tubing to drain the small amount of water from condensation.