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3M Filtek Supreme Flowable Restorative


  • 51 Dental Professionals
  • 1033 Total Uses
  • 96% Clinical Rating

Evaluators’ Comments

  • “With predictably no bubbles, I realized how much time and frustration I dealt with when using my previous flowable. It now makes me more efficient and productive.”
  • “Syringe design is an improvement from the current one and made it easier to dispense.”
  • “I like to warm the composite, and this one had good viscosity when warmed.”
  • “Easy to adapt to the preparation.”
  • “I did not get bubbles and it has a good consistency.”
  • “Viscosity allowed for better control.”


3M™ Filtek™ Supreme Flowable Restorative has 3M’s newest dispensing technology:

  • Low viscosity
  • Nine shades offered that are designed to correspond with all shades of Filtek™ Universal and Filtek™ Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative composite lines
  • Dispenser has ergonomic design that is easy to hold and inject
  • Composite has excellent adaptation, polish retention, and wear resistance

Unique Attributes

  • New tip designed to reduce bubbles and stop material “run-on” during and after dispensing
  • Bendable cannula up to 90° without kinking
  • Blue syringe barrel indicates remaining material volume
  • Triangle finger plate makes it easy to hold and inject


  • Class III and V restorations
  • Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations (including small,non-stress-bearing occlusal restorations)
  • Repair of small defects in indirect esthetic restorations
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Undercut block out
  • Repair of resin and acrylic temporary materials

Clinical Tips

  • It is excellent to place at the base of a proximal box to create a bubble-free seal.
  • Good for minimally invasive Class 1 and V restorations.
  • Flows well over all irregularities – tiny cavities tend to fill or wet better.
  • It can be used to block out Class V lesions where the dentin is very dark.