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3M Protemp Plus Temporization Material


3M ESPE Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material is a two-component composite with a new generation of fillers for fabrication of interim restorations. It is indicated for temporization of single- and multiple-unit crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays and veneers, including long-term provisional restorations. It is packaged in 50-mL automix cartridges and is available in five fluorescent shades: A1, A2, A3, B3 and Bleach. The introductory kit contains one cartridge of Protemp Plus Temporization Material, dispenser, mixing tips, RelyX™ Temp NE Temporary Cement, and 2-g syringe of Filtek™ Supreme Plus Flowable Restorative to be used when needed for repair of the temporary. Twenty-two editors used Protemp Plus Temporization Material for more than 480 interim restorations. This product received a 92% clinical rating.

Editors’ Observations

Manufacturer’s Instructions
The introductory kit is well organized and contains the necessary materials to fabricate, repair and cement the interim restorations. Detailed written instructions as well as a quick reference technique card are included to facilitate fabrication of the provisional restorations.

Ease of Dispensing/Mixing Tip Shape and Size
Protemp Plus Temporization Material extrudes smoothly from the dispenser through a mixing tip, which helps control the flow of the material directly into the matrix.

Viscosity /Flow/Lack of Bubbles and Voids
The material exhibits good flow into the matrix with very few bubbles in the mix. It also adapts well to the prepared tooth and captures margin detail. Editors commented that Protemp Plus Temporization Material sticks to adjacent teeth and occasionally is difficult to remove after it has been in the mouth for the recommended time (1 minute 40 seconds after start of mixing).

Working/Setting Time
Working time is sufficient even for multiple interim restorations; however, many editors would prefer a slightly faster setting time. One concern was the need to keep the interim restoration in the matrix after removal from the mouth for five minutes before trimming and adjusting. Five minutes is recommended to achieve optimum esthetic properties.

Lack of Oxygen-inhibited Layer
The presence of an oxygen-inhibited layer was not a consistent finding during this evaluation. Editors were almost evenly split, with some reporting that there was a minimal oxygen-inhibited layer, while the others described the sticky layer to be the same or worse than that of other products. The oxygen-inhibited layer was reported to be easily removed with alcohol. When the temporary was kept in the matrix for the recommended five minutes after removal from the mouth, the presence of an oxygen-inhibited layer was minimized.

Fit of Restoration/Strength/Resistance to Fracture
The interim restorations had very good fit, particularly the marginal adaptation, to the prepared teeth. Protemp Plus Temporization Material can be trimmed easily without cracking or chipping, and it seems to have more flexibility than other products. The strength is more than adequate for single-unit provisional restorations and small bridges. There were a few reports of fractures with fixed partial dentures.

Final Shade Match/Esthetics of Restoration
In general, the editors were satisfied with the esthetics of Protemp Plus Temporization Material; however, most remarked that the shades were consistently lighter than the labeled Vita shades. Additionally, the shades were reported to be opaque. The final interim restorations required very little polishing, which is an improvement over most other similar materials.

Clinical Tips

  • Use Filtek Supreme Plus Flowable Restorative to repair the temporary when needed.