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3M ESPE Protemp Crown Temporization Material

Consultants’ Comments

  • “Excellent product and easy to use.”
  • “Protemp Crown saves time – it takes about 4 minutes to select, trim, contour, light-cure, finish, and cement a crown.”
  • “Patients liked not having an impression taken for the temporary.”
  • “Great product to use on fractured teeth.”
  • “Excellent proximal contacts.”
  • “Very good radiopacity.”
  • “A must for emergency build-ups.”
  • “I would like to have a lighter shade.”


3M ESPE Protemp Crown Temporization Material is a set of pre-formed, light-cured composite crowns. The kit contains 42 individually wrapped crowns in nine sizes for molars, premolars and canines in one universal shade. The appropriate crown is selected and trimmed with scissors to achieve the proper height. The malleable crown is then molded onto the preparation with finger pressure. Once adaptation is complete, the patient is instructed to bite on the crown to obtain proper occlusion. The crown is then light cured for 2-3 seconds from the buccal, lingual and occlusal aspects. The Protemp Crown is removed and post-cured for an additional 1 minute. After curing, the crown is finished where necessary with a carbide bur and polished if needed. The crown is cemented with temporary cement, such as 3M ESPE RelyX Temp NE. Twenty-five consultants used Protemp Crown to temporize 345 teeth. This product received a 95% clinical rating.



Product Features

The majority of consultants found the packaging and instructions to be adequate. The selection of sizes and shapes of the crowns is sufficient. The universal shade is similar to Vita A2. The molar crowns have a slightly full contour and could be more anatomical. Crown size tools are included in the kit, although many consultants found that they did not need to use them once a few crowns were placed and experience was gained. The crowns are easy to light-cure. Trimming and shaping the margins are easily accomplished. The fit to the tooth was rated as good, although some consultants experienced retention failures of crowns that were not adapted well to the tooth preparations. Patients did not comment on any odor or taste. Slight discoloration of the crowns during the temporization period was reported by a few consultants but it was not noticed by the patients. Two-thirds of the consultants would switch to 3M ESPE Protemp Crown Temporization Material and 80% said they would recommend it to a colleague.

Clinical Tips

  • Use finger pressure to achieve good margin adaptation and firm proximal contacts. This technique also demarcates the outline of the margins, making it easier to trim the crown.
  • Once adaptation is achieved, have the patient bite down to achieve good occlusion and minimize occlusal adjustment. Light cure from the facial aspect for 3 seconds, then from the lingual and the occlusal aspects.
  • Choose the smallest size that will fit the tooth for the best internal adaptation.
  • Protemp Crown can be relined with a composite provisional material such as Protemp Garant.