40-03 Trailblazers

40 years ago, we started our company with the ambition to publish quarterly information helpful to the profession when choosing products and equipment. One year later, we published our first issue of Dental Advisor, “On Making Good Impressions.” What a journey we have had! We pride ourselves on unbiased evaluation both in the laboratory and clinically and have had the unique ability to work with manufacturers worldwide. Our initial mission was to “Improve Patient Care through Research and Education,” and we believe we’ve succeeded. We could not have evaluated without the collaboration of the many wonderful companies we have had the privilege to work with throughout the years. In this issue, we are proud to present our view on the trailblazers who have made our profession of dentistry easier, smarter, and more efficient. We thank you all and look forward to another 40 years of providing product insights you can trust. As always, we love hearing from you. Please reach out to our team at or to me personally at