2023 Top & Preferred Product Awards

From the desk of
Dr. Sabiha Bunek, Editor-in-Chief

Happy New Year! In our 40th year this year, we have had great opportunities to review products new and old. Throughout the years, we enjoy featuring products as best in class that really shine above their competitors. This work is not easy, as many manufacturers and distributors present products that all have positive features; however, some just rise to the top. It is our intention to award those products with a DENTAL ADVISOR stamp of approval; and to highlight just what it means to be a Top Product or Preferred Product. Our evaluators are practicing dentists with a variety of experiences in product evaluation and we depend on them for their honest and unbiased feedback. By far, our most exciting discoveries are those new products that are truly innovative and change how procedures are done, improve patient care, or simply make our lives easier.
Many people ask if our awards are purchased, and whether manufacturers purchase awards. The simple answer is absolutely not. Our awards are carefully chosen and awarded to companies who have worked with us in any form of evaluation, whether it be clinical or in our laboratories. In fact, this is the first year that we awarded several laboratory awards for the promise shown outside of a clinical setting. We want to take the opportunity in our 40th year to thank the manufacturers, suppliers, dental professionals who evaluate products, and our readers. Without you, Dental Advisor would not exist. We love hearing from you. Please reach out to our team at or me personally at Cheers to another 40 Years!